NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
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21/09/2016 Wörterbuch der Gegenwart #5 Körper

In his works, the artist Kader Attia addresses the concept of “repair” as a constant in life. In the oldest and largest anatomy lecture hall at Berlin’s Charité he develops a narrative about the body in three fragments for the Dictionary of Now.

15/09/2016 Congress on Public Spaces
—— Congress on Public Spaces is a series of three interdisciplinary events dedicated to exploring changes in democratic participation. 

22/06/2016 Spesial Nord no. 4
—— For the latest issue of Spesial Nord, seven artists have been responding to a selection of visual elements and the heading ‘Body Brain Body—B—B—B’. Our design is also a response to these elements and consists of seven posters that were all printed on a different paper quality. The publication also features a text by Morten L. Kringelbach, a Professor of Neuroscience at Aarhus University in Denmark and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.

10/06/2016 +ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen
—— We are currently working with the exhibition and publication design for the upcoming show at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.
"Gestaltung ist Forschung und Forschung ist Gestaltung. Anhand von Modellen, Werkzeugen und Bildern zeigt die Ausstellung erstmalig die fundamentale Bedeutung gestalterischer Prozesse für die Wissenschaft. Vom Faustkeil bis zum 3D-gedruckten Organ, von bio-mimetischen Materialien bis zu fühlenden Prothesen präsentiert +ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen den Erkenntniswert und die Konsequenzen der menschlichen Umformung von Natur. Der Natur als bereits durch Menschenhand gestaltet tritt eine Welt gegenüber, in der die Grenzen zwischen Natur und Kultur, organisch und anorganisch, Materie und Geist zunehmend durchlässig werden. In raumgreifenden Installationen und anhand von Steuerungsbildern, in denen Realität und Simulation verschmelzen, erlebt der Besucher dieses Spannungsverhältnis."
Veranstalter: Exzellenzcluster „Bild Wissen Gestaltung. Ein Interdisziplinäres Labor“, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

22/04/2016 Torpedo’s One Year Art Book Fair
—— Torpedo’s ten-year anniversary is the occasion for a series of gatherings, talks, conversations, presentations and book displays that take place at Atelier Felix in Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.

The events consists of the One Year Art Book Fair – a monthly series of small curated publishers displays and a two-day public seminar How to raise a teenager. A publication reflecting these activities is set for a release in 2017.

Our design is going to evolve with the One Year Art Book Fair throughout 2016.

The project is curated by Torpedo in collaboration with Corinn Gerber, Passenger Books (Montreal/Zürich), Benjamin Thorel, Section 7 Books/Paraguay Press (Paris), and Brian Kennon, 2nd Cannons Publications (Los Angeles).

20/04/2016 AP164: Ábalos & Herreros
—— Published by Park Books, Zurich in collaboration with Canadian Centre for Architecture CCA, Montreal

Iñaki Ábalos and Juan Herreros established Ábalos & Herreros in Madrid in 1984 and the firm quickly became one of the foremost Spanish architectural firms until its dissolution in 2006. In 2012, the Canadian Centre for Architecture obtained the Ábalos & Herreros archive, which contains documents related to more than 160 projects. The material comprises sketches, slides, models, collages, and drawings. The archive presents a compelling opportunity to reconstruct Ábalos & Herreros’s planning and design process. While many have written about the work of Ábalos & Herreros, previous publications have been based mainly on their built projects and ongoing research. This new book is the first to draw on the firm’s archive to offer a new take on this important architectural practice. 

03/03/2016 Silent Revolt: Norwegian Process Art and Conceptual Art in the 1970s and 80s
—— In the writing of Norwegian art history, conceptual art has been conspicuously missing, and the movement has never been presented in exhibitions of any great scope. With Silent Revolt the National Museum aims to reassess the view of conceptual art as a vacuum in recent Norwegian art history.

NODE has been contributing with exhibition design and we are currently working on a richly documented, research-based catalogue written by the exhibition’s curator Ingvild Krogvig.

19/02/2016 On the Record / MIT, Cambridge
—— NODE is currently at MIT for a one week artist residency, together with our colleagues from Bengler. On the Record is a series of discussions and workshops presented by MIT CAST and the Department of Architecture focusing on the public aspects of research. Amongst other things, we will be holding a workshop addressing issues around the Center of Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS). Thanks to Arts at MIT and the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) for the opportunity. Photo credits: Otto Piene, poster for Asterisk CAVS group show, 1974. Courtesy MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection.

12/02/2016 Nervous Systems
—— Our poster for the upcoming exhibition Nervous Systems, Quantified Life and the Social Question at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin. "Can our inner thoughts be transmitted by our eye movements? Can our future actions be predicted by our current behavior? Julien Prévieux’s film Patterns of Life enacts more than a century of evolving technologies in tracking human behavior, from reorganizing the factory floor to today’s “activity-based intelligence” in the “war on terror.” This is but one example from over 30 works tracing the inversions that mark the relationship between man and machine."

01/02/2016 Research Environments
—— Research Environments: Das Bewerten und Verwerten künstlerischer Prozesse. Reflections on the Value of Artistic Processes. Edited by Nik Haffner; Hendrik Quast

11/12/2015 Edvard Munch Art Award
The Edvard Munch Art Award is an international prize for a contemporary visual artist. The visual identity we have designed is based on the Galapagos typeface conceived by Studio Felix Salut and developed by Fabian Harb. Based on a reduced set of geometrical shapes, the Galapagos typeface has a number of varieties. Much like Munch’s signature, the EMAA logo will develop over time.

03/11/2015 MIT ACT and CAVS Special Collection
—— Together with a colleague from Bengler, we have been invited to run a short workshop at the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) in Cambridge, MA. Next to that we had the opportunity to investigate the Center of Advanced Visual Studies Archive (CAVS Special Collection) in connection with upcoming projects. Photo by Even Westvang

28/10/2015 Wohnungsfrage
—— How can we create affordable living space? How do we provide opportunities for self-determination? Who are today’s new clients? What new answers can be found to the age-old housing question? 
The current HKW project Wohnungsfrage investigates the tension-ridden relationships between architecture, housing, and social reality.

27/09/2015 100 Years of Now
—— One of three posters we have designed using photography by Wolfgang Tillmans for the opening of 100 Years of Now at HKW. — "Short-termism reigns. Today’s decisions lack a future horizon. A constant flood of snapshots feeds the fear of missing out. A never ending flood of new technologies promises to solve all our problems – until the next revelation of the impossibility of tackling deep-seated conflicts through technological management. 100 Years of Now combines diagnoses of our times with scopes of action, explores the potentials of the past, and unlocks alternative futures." 
25/09/2015 Actopolis. The Art of Action
The visual identity we have worked on for this project is based on a custom made monospace typeface with a series of interchangeable glyphs. "Traditional democratic institutions are in a state of crisis, while civic urban society has swung into action, at the latest since Occupy, Gezi Park and Syntagma Square. Calls for the good life beyond the politics of austerity, for a multi-layered public life that is worthy of the name, for communities which do not define themselves via isolation are becoming louder and more insistent. In this situation ACTOPOLIS. The Art of Action is establishing a transnational test field for urban alternatives." A three year project by Urbane Künste Ruhr and Goethe-Institut. Artistic Directors: Angelika Fitz​ and Katja Aßmann​
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